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Vietnam: "Underdeveloped chain management demands Dutch expertise"

In regards to horticulture production in the ASEAN, Vietnam can be seen as one of the countries with the most potential for greenhouse development.  But the sector still has many hurdles, and Vietnam demands the Dutch knowledge, especially about cooperations and chain management. That was expressed by Mr. Arie Veldhuizen, the Dutch agricultural counsellor to Holland in Vietnam, at the Horti Asia in Bangkok last week.

Great Ambition

"Vietnam is a country with great ambition", Veldhuizen proudly states. "Within the ASEAN you can say that Vietnam is the most interesting country where development is moving really fast. The country has a lot of potential, but a lot of knowledge and guidance is still wanted. Think about production improvement and better chain management. This provides chances for the Dutch as we are experts in terms of climate smart production; we are the leading supplier of knowledge and technology for agricultural and horticultural production. I think that especially the exchange of knowledge can help Vietnam take the local production to the next level."

horticulture 2

About Vietnam

Vietnam has many greenhouse productions concentrated around the area of Da Lat; the popular tourist destination 1,500 meters above sea level in the Lâm Đồng Province. The cultivation in greenhouses on the highlands in and around Da Lat currently covers an acreage that is between 2,500 and 3,500 hectares. Flowers are the major crops, but also greenhouse vegetables are being grown. Growers are using low to medium tech plastic greenhouses, and the level of cultivation varies from very simple to medium advanced. As the industry develops every year, the growers are producing with more advancement, but also more hurdles are present.

As an example of knowledge exchange and improving the efficiency of the local greenhouse sector in Vietnam, Veldhuizen mentioned training and projects to facilitate Vietnamese growers and farmers to work more closely together. "It is important that farmers work more closely together in the chain. That is why special trainings projects are organized to get more collaboration on horizontal levels of the chain."

Flower auction

Another project that Veldhuizen mentioned was a feasibility study that was conducted by FloraHolland. "The Dutch flower auction researched the feasibility for the development of a local flower auction near Ho Chi Min City. There are many individual producers in and around Da Lat. They all produce wonderful flowers for  local markets, but the chain management is still underdeveloped,  a lot of product is lost before it arrives at the customer, these are unnecessary losses. A flower auction can be a solution to optimize their chain management, prevent substantial losses and deliver better quality to the customers."

"At a trade show like Horti Asia, growers and farmers are looking for knowledge. Of course it's also good to showcase all sorts of new technology, which might still be too advanced for them because they are not ready for it. But it is not a bad idea to show them how we do it and how our expertise can help them. For now,  the export of our knowledge is of paramount importance. Especially our expertise on farmers cooperations which is highly sought after. Also in Vietnam collaboration will be key.”

Source: freshplaza