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The 2019 production plan of Dung Quat oil refinery finishes early

A source from Binh Son Refinery and Petrochemical Joint Stock Company (BSR) said that at 16:00 on December 5, 2019, the gasoline and oil output meter of all kinds of Dung Quat Oil Refinery has reached the milestone of the 2019 plan. They achieved 6.46 million tons, reaching the target earlier than the 26-day plan.

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​Achievements in 2019

According to BSR leaders, in 2019 Dung Quat oil refinery operated safely and stably at an average capacity of 106% of the designed capacity, so it helped the companyfinish the goal 26 days early and surpass the year production output plan.

It is expected that in the whole year of 2019, Dung Quat oil refinery will produce about 6.93 million tons of petrol and oil of all kinds, reaching 107% of the plan.

The import of crude oil achieved many positive results. During the year, BSR has received 90 trips of crude oil, with an output of about 7.4 million tons. By the end of November 2019, BSR's revenue reached 92,848 billion dong

In addition, BSR also strengthened the production optimization, cost savings, in order to improve competitiveness. Up to now, BSR has successfully deployed 4 out of 16 energy optimization solutions, and 3 out of 16 solutions under implementation on schedule.

BSR has successfully processed 2 new types of crude oil WTI Midland and Bonny Light oil, reaching a very high mixing ratio. At the same time, it worked with the copyright owners MCI, AXENS, Merichem to research and increase the capacity of Polypropylene (PP) production workshop fluidized bed catalyzed catalytic cracking workshop (RFCC), and Kerosene processing plant (KTU).

So far, BSR has achieved more than 23.4 million safe working hours, exceeding the performance evaluation index (KPI) in 2019 of 23 million hours.

By the end of November, BSR has successfully produced and traded a batch of marine fuel oil (MFO), with 6,000 tons.

Earlier, BSR was ranked as the 7th largest enterprise in the country by Vietnam Report in 2019.

Enhance relationships with partners

BSR General Director Bui Minh Tien said that in recent years, BSR has built good relationships with customers, especially units that have been with BSR since the first days of product launch of Dung Quat Refinery.

The success of BSR today is thanks to the companionship, cooperation and help from customers, BSR always places the interests and needs of its customers at the center of its business policy, he added.

BSR's biggest customer in recent years is Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex).

According to Petrolimex Deputy General Director Nguyen Xuan Hung, over the past time, the unit has cooperated to maximize the use of BSR products.

"The market is increasingly fiercely competitive, but Petrolimex is committed to continuing to cooperate and coordinate to adjust products by business mechanisms to jointly consume the products of Dung Quat oil refinery plant in the most effective way", Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hung said.

In addition, BSR also focuses on finding partners, signing contracts to supply crude oil for processing at Dung Quat oil refinery.

Recently, BSR has signed a contract with SOCAR Trading Company (Azerbaijan National Petroleum Corporation) to supply 5 million barrels of Azeri crude oil to Dung Quat oil refinery in the first half of 2020.

From the beginning of 2019 to the present, BSR has received about 6.86 million tons of crude oil; production output reached 6.46 million tons of products.

BSR has succeeded in offering imported crude oil in the first 6 months of 2020, with a total volume of up to 11.6 million barrels, and the rest is balanced by domestic crude oil, mainly crude oil of Bach Ho.


Source: QuangNgai'sPeopleComitee