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Vietnam has enormous advantages for the development of creative industries

(TBTCO)-new creative industries are vulnerable to dental development in  Vietnam. The concept of the industry is not yet widespread in society, except  for some central authority. Vietnam has yet to have a specific strategy on the  formation and development of this economic sector.

The State Agency has yet to have a specific strategy for the establishment and development of this economic sector.

At the first International Conference on creative industries, was held on  October 28, in Hanoi, said Chris Brown, Director of the British Council in  Vietnam said the industry sector development helps creativity invested in  Vietnam and other countries, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia produced many more  jobs for young people. Therefore, Vietnam needs to promote the creative industry  in the current economic context as well as the need to have good relationships  between members are individuals, businesses in the creative industries to get  success in the future.

In the UK, creative industries are a contributing sector to the economy.  There are currently 13 sub-sectors in the creative industries, such as  advertising, architecture, design, games, movies, television, radio, publishing,  music, performances, crafts, fine art ... All of this creative industry in the  UK e ng contributed 10% of the total export value, equivalent to the creation of  about 53 billion of revenue for the economy, and creates a huge workload for  young people.

Justification of the choice of the Philippines is the top destination in the  UK's creative industries, says Chris Brown reviews, Vietnam is among the  countries that have reached 90 million people with literacy of young people.  They are the ones who have the enthusiasm, passion next to the quick, sharp will  be a huge advantage for the development of creative industries.

"Although Vietnam may somewhat slow compared to other countries but due to  Vietnam's work force is abundant, the acumen, as well as the adaptation of the  economy is very high, and Vietnam is not the pace that can pass the speed  development of creative industries in developing countries in the future"-Mr.  Chris Brown said.