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Progress in construction of the project DAP Plant No. 2: “ be high-speed”

The project construction DAP No.2, DAP No.2 Joint Stock Company, owner by Vietnam National Chemical Group ( VINACHEM ), at Tang Loong Industrial Zone, with the progress of construction be high - speed compared to the investment production industrial project in the province. Was started in late 2011, but due to problems in the clearance, loan procedures, contract construction contractors, equipment suppliers, so come early 2013, the project is promoting construction. By mid 9/2013, there were 8/22 main categories basic construction is completed, the construction value of over 1.600 billion VND, accounting for 50 % of total investment value of the project under construction installation. According to the actual construction progress and investment plans, to March 5/2013 (after 17 months of construction ), DAP 2 plant will complete the basic construction and running test the lines and equipment. By the fourth quarter of next year, the plant will be officially operational and shipped the first product series.

Project construction DAP 2 plant with total investment 265.2 million USD, equivalent to 5.170 billion VND, is the key projects of the country. By design, the completed project will produce 330,000 tons of DAP fertilizer per year, based on current prices, the revenue will brought about 4,000 trillion VND per year . That's not to mention the revenue from by-products such as 420,000 tons acid sunfuric and 162,000 tons of acid phosphoric per year. In particular, this is one of the first projects in the country take all of excess heat produced in industrial processes to build power plant with capacity 15 MW. For DAP fertilizers, is mixed fertilizers with high quality, which stimulates the growth of many crops . After VINACHEM build Dinh Vu DAP 1 plant in Hai Phong (primary material from apatit ore from Lao Cai apatite mine) with capacity 330,000 tons per year , the domestic fertilizer market still import 60 % DAP fertilizer, Tang Loong construction project completion will reduce the amount of import DAP fertilizer 20 %.

To achieve progress construction, Mr. Dong Van Quyet, the director and CEO of DAP No. 2 Joint Stock Company said that the unit has to comply with strict rules and procedures for investment, the preparation of construction. In particular , through international bidding by chose EPC contractor very powerful, it's joint-venture five company from Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, in which Japanese and Thailand contractor is the head of the joint venture. During construction, EPC contractor construction has made 3 shifts per day, every day average to 1,200 officials and workers go in and out construction sites in all weather conditions. With the progress of construction as above, the project is the investment model to industrial development projects other.